Dry Steak Wraps Kit
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Dry Steak Wraps Kit


Whether you wantto add tenderness to your steak or add enzyme enhanced flavor, theDrySteak Wraps are the secret weapon! The DrySteak wrap is an innovativeplant-based, breathable film, designed specifically to aid in thetraditional form of Dry Aging steaks. This product gives customers theability to create mouth-watering, dry aged steaks using their homerefrigerators, without the need for extra equipment. Once the primalbeef cut is wrapped, it takes about 4 weeks for your roast to developenzyme-enhanced, depth of flavor.

Using the Wraps prevents the most common pitfalls in Dry Aging in home refrigerators:
    1. The extreme low humidity can create an overly dry bark/crust (the Dry Wraps act as a skin/pellicle to minimize the effect)
    2.Smells from foods in the refrigerator can be absorbed easily intoexposed meats (and vice-versa), using the Wraps prevents this fromoccurring,
    3. Other aging products need the additional use ofequipment to get material adhesion and staying attached, the Wraps havea strong natural cling-ability that makes them easy to apply forlong-term adhesion with no equipment needed.

* We recommend to use these wraps in frost-free refrigerators ONLY

Includes :
    3 Dry-Steak Wraps - approx. 23.5in x23.5in sheets
    Elastic Steak Netting
    Easy to Understand Instructions

The Meat :
    Will dry age approximately a 14-16 lb. sirloin roast.
    Designed for a Sirloin and Rib-eye Roast, but can also be used with any beef cut intended for dry aging.
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