Lem 30 Lb Stuffer. c/w Motor & 4 Tubes
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Lem 30 Lb Stuffer. c/w Motor & 4 Tubes


Easy, one-person sausage stuffing in half the time with the power, precision, and smart features of this stuffer.

The powerful motor pushes with more than a TON of force, while precision controls allow you to determine the flow and set the pace.

Speed control knob: Adjusts how fast the piston lowers so you can control the rate of flow into the casing -- especially important when making small sausages and snack sticks.

Foot switch: Frees up your hands for easy, one-person operation.

Auto-up and flow stop: When the piston reaches the bottom it automatically begins to rise. Also, when the stop button is pressed (or foot switch is released) the piston stops and then rises for a few seconds to release pressure and stop the flow of meat. Both features make stuffing easier.

Air release valve: Allows air to escape so casings fill evenly and smoothly, with fewer air pockets.

Removable cylinder: Ensures hassle-free refilling.

These stuffers are designed with a food-grade stainless steel body, base, and cylinder and come with a food-grade plastic piston and four stainless steel stuffer tubes: 1/2", 5/8", 1", 1-1/4" (outside diameter)



Motor: Precision steel gears in optimized gear ratio • 33 watts • 0.044 HP • 120v/60hz • 5' power cord (extension cord not recommended) • 76" Foot switch cordDimensions: 13 ½" x 10 ¼" x 32" Weight: 49.99 lbs.

$1,600.00 /Each
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