Pro Smoker 'N Roaster Smokehouse - Model #500 T-HVE
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Pro Smoker 'N Roaster Smokehouse - Model #500 T-HVE

Product Code:BSSMHO500THVE

This unit includes the following: Electronic temperature control with digital read out; Internal temperature shutdown; Time shutdown; Cook and hold function; Manual cold shower; Added humidity system; Electric dampers; Model 300 smoke generator with manual controls; 1 - 5 Station stainless steel product truck; 10 - Stainless steel 14 gauge V shape smoke sticks (34"); 2 - Heavy duty stainless steel product screens;Specifications - Approximate cabinet weight (uncrated): 1200 pounds; Product capacity up to 600 pounds (bone in hams); Minimum wall clearance each side is 12"; Exhaust flu 6" diameter, use class B vent material (check local and provincial codes); Total electric for smoker/oven with smoke generator; 120/240 volt single phase 75 amps; 120/240 volt three phase 55 amps; Heating elements 2 - 6000 watt; Fan Motor 1 - HP 115/208 - 220 volt; Forward/reverse damper motors; 1 - Inlet/smoke damper; 1 - exhaust damper; High limit temperature safety switch; Piping for humidity, cold shower, wet tank fill (1/2" copper tube); Overall dimensions with Smoke Generator Approximately - 80" wide x 56" deep x 89" highControl Option: Minimat microprocessor with optimum delta T cooking; 99 programs 99 steps fully automatic microprocessor; 10 programs come pre-installed for your immediate use; Internal temp and house temp digital readout; Humidity digital readout; Internal temp shutdown; Time shutdown; Time delay start; Automatic cold shower; Electric automatic dampers; Automatic wet tank fill; Wet/dry bulb humidity for accurate control; Automated smoke generator with pre-heat; Hot smoke; Automatic restart if power fails; Micro is self monitoring with several alarms; Ability to hold product and maintain temperature; for HAACP plansAvailable Options: Minimat microprocessor; Automatic liquid smoke system, air supplied by customer; Additional 5 - station stainless steel product truck; Truck has 2 swivel castors and 2 rigid castors; 35" wide x 38" deep x 60" high; Additional stations can be added at factory; Additional heavy duty stainless steel 14 gauge smoke stick; Additional heavy duty stainless steel product screens; 1" square stainless steel mesh, fully welded; One pen temperature chart recorder 0 - 200 degrees Fahrenheit; Two pen temperature chart recorder 0 - 200 degrees; Heavy duty stainless steel 4" OD, 16 gauge piping between smoke generator and smoker oven.
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