Snowshoes - Yukon (10" x 56") 150+ Lbs.
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Snowshoes - Yukon (10" x 56") 150+ Lbs.


The Yukon model, also sometimes call Alaskan, is characterized by its long and unique shape. It is a wise combination of the Huron tail and the Modified Bear Paw shape. It takes its origin from Indian Nations of Western Canada and the Northern part of the United States. Mainly used for long distance hunting and hiking in open forests and fields. Its long narrow tail is designed to keep the snowshoe in the walking movement as needed. Quiet and very stable, its all-purpose use makes it a great choice for long distance hikingMeasures: 10" X 56"; Optimal Flotation: 150 pounds and up; 5 year manufacturer's warrantyGV Traditional Snowshoes feature frames constructed of Appalachian white ash and lacing made of raw cowhide. A high quality varnish keeps the rawhide and the frame in good condition. Harnesses sold separately.Note: It is recommended to apply varnish once a year at the end of the season to prevent the wood frame and raw hide to absorb moisture and water. That will extend the life of your natural snowshoe. We recommend using a marine varnish designed for wooden boats.
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