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Sno Seal Waterproofing Leather Protectant
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Sno Seal Waterproofing Leather Protectant

Product Code:ACSNOSEAL

Original Beeswax Waterproofing protects leather from rain, sun, snow, and salt. The beeswax formula dries to a solid wax that "stays put" in the surface of the leather so it lasts longer. Greases, oils, and animal products are able to migrate through the leather till they clog all the pores, and fill the natural spaces that are supposed to absorb perspiration and insulate. SnoSeal will help you feel more comfortable in Gore-Tex fabric lined boots because it allows the Gore-Tex absorbed perspiration to escape out of the leather. Not only will SnoSeal keep you warm and dry, it will also help you from getting tired. A typical leather boot can soak up to a pound of water. That means you lift an additional 2,212 pounds to walk one mile. SnoSeal keeps the whole boot dry, warm and light. SnoSeal lubricates and conditions leather without softening, while preserving and lengthening the lifespan of leather. It prevents water from penetrating yet does not interfere with the natural breath ability of leather and maintains flexibility in freezing temperatures without cracking. It is extremely resistant to salt stains and spotting. SnoSeal contains no silicone and does not soften heel counters, box toes or damage seams and welts.
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